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Lunch: 12h. - 15h.
Dinner: 19h. - 23h.
Sundays: 12:30h. - 18h.
We close all day on Wednesday and Dinner on Sunday

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Soup of the day

4,80 €


Watermelon, feta and basil Salad - Great in summers

6,50 €

Chicken Salad - [Chicken, pineapple, nozes, peas, carrots and mayonnaise]

7 €

Tuna nicoise salad -[ Tuna, egg, olives, cherry tomatoes, croutons, peas, carrot and olive oil ]

7 €


Pan seared salmon - Served with lemon butter garlic sauce, roast vegetables and house rice

18 €

Spicy whole grilled fish (Fresh- Catch of the day) - Served with assorted steamed vegetables and house rice

18,50 €

Codfish - Cooked with caramalised onions, garlic, nutmeg. Served with mash and spinach

16 €

Parsley butter garlic chilli lobster - Served with Bloody Mary Linguine pasta

24 €

Clams all rise - Served with spaghetti - clams cooked with white wine, chicken broth, lemon juice and garlic

18 €


Pork Vindaloo - Served with house rice

18 €

Beef Strogonoff - Served with herb butter rice and parlsey

16 €

Braised Ox Tongue - Served with mash potatoes or herb butter rice

18 €

Wild Boar - Served with caramalised onions, red wine, mashed potatoes and flamed wild berries.

20 €

Toca Beef Steak - Beef stake, served with bacon mash, red wine sauce, assorted vegetables, star anise, infused cinnamon and nutmeg

18 €

Spicy Pork Ribs - Served with bacon mash infused with star anise, cayenne and coriander seeds

18 €

Beef/Pork short ribs - Served with house rice

20 €

Chicken Cafreal - Served with house rice

18 €

Tropical Meet Skewer - Served with mashed potatoes, spinach, marinated with nutmeg

18 €

Fondue - House specialty

29 €

tocadojavali (73)

Since 1979

Located in São Pedro de Sintra, at the entrance of the internationally renowned Sintra Village (classified as a World Heritage Site in 1992 by UNESCO), Toca do Javali Restaurant has been operating since 1979 in a picturesque property more than 100 years old.

Recently acquired by a new owner, it is now managed by Bennet & Bernard Hospitality, with a new gastronomic proposal of Goan and Portuguese fusion cuisine of high standard.


Cozy environment

In an extremely welcoming space, Toca do Javali Restaurant is ideal for a quiet meal, but with a certain touch of adventure in a trip of flavors that will surely surprise you, whether at lunch or dinner.

The exterior patio allows you to enjoy the sounds of the Serra de Sintra, under the canopy of trees in winter or summer where there are usually live music performances, from Jazz to World music.

We are nature and animals friends, so your pet will be very welcome in our outdoor patio where you can enjoy a meal, coffee or aperitif.

tocadojavali (46)

An experience of senses

From the meat, to the fish, to the fruit, all of the highest level, Toca do Javali Restaurant offers a simple but sophisticated menu and a wine list of internationally recognized demarcated regions.